An Introduction

Welcome to The ChangingClimateTimes Newsletter

Earth’s climate is changing. Earth’s climate has always been changing. But humankind has pressed the pedal to the metal on the rapidity of that change. There is much dire, alarming and plainly frightening news out there about how badly humankind may have fouled its nest. How bad is it? And what can be done and who is doing it — or proposing what to do about it — to mitigate climate change? Plus, do you have any cartoons?

My name is Douglas John Imbrogno, and I am by profession and career a storyteller, feature journalist and social media video producer. After I was laid off from a longtime newspaper job as described in this Columbia Journalism Review article (along with about a bajillion others journalists in the last decade), I had to decide how I wished to spend my time. While continuing to freelance and produce videos, I also keenly follow the latest climate change coverage. It is the most important issue of the day, since without a habitable planet or with a planet convulsed by climate havoc and societal upheaval, all the other issues of the day become subsumed by it.

This newsletter is my small, personal attempt to bring some sense to the whirlwind of climate change coverage. I will state clearly — I am no scientist. My high school science fair project featured a volcano that was supposed to erupt, but did not. The judges gave me a B grade, which I believe to this day was a ‘Pity B.’ But I do have an editor’s sensibility for curating content that I hope will both track climate change coverage ‘hair on fire’ reports, to stories that offer directions on how we might put out the fire. I welcome feedback, civil dialogue and pointers to articles and commentary worth noting in the CCTimes. Plus, cartoons. Please pass on word of the newsletter to interested folks!

Thanks | Douglas John Imbrogno